Validation sets with ubuntu core installer

Just looking for best practices for working with validation sets and ubuntu-image.

I have created a validation set. I can put it on an Ubuntu core device connected to our brand store.

Two questions --------- 1) How can I have ubuntu-image be aware of and use the validation sets when creating new installer images? I realize that I can put specific revisions in the model file for ubuntu-image, but then developers need to keep the model file and validation sets manually synched.

---------------------------------- 2) How do create a core installer image so that the validation sets are preconfigured and enabled at the first boot? Seems like I could add a hook to the gadget snap I’ve built, but is there a better or more supported way?

We are working on adding support to have initial validation-sets listed in the model, then ubuntu-image will respect those and the they will be tracked/enforced going forward from first boot of the images.