Using ubuntu-image snap command gives error

In the process of following this guide on building custom Ubuntu Core images I ran into an issue I have not encountered before. I did complete this process fully some time in the past (I believe 2 months ago) and I did successfully flash the image onto an IoT device.

After following the guide step by step I got the following model assertion (here the “cloudlink” snap is a custom snap I manage personally, “id” and “channel” are correct):

After entering the following command:

$ ubuntu-image snap .model

The following error occured:

Error: Error preparing image: cannot override channels, add devmode snaps, local snaps, or extra snaps with a model of grade higher than dangerous

Does anyone know what exactly this error is trying to say and what I can do to fix this issue? Thanks for any help!

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Hi, there is a bug with ubuntu-image that is being fixed, what channel of ubuntu-image are you using? Please try using the stable channel of the ubuntu-image snap. See for more details

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