Using ffmpeg and graphicsmagick in a snap [Was: Request for classic confinement: sht-vr-player]

Hello community! How are you? :slight_smile: Okay, I’m joking, we’re here on business, right? In general, I need your help. Application that I wrote unfortunately does not work without access to two other applications. I’m talking about ffmpeg and gm (graphicsmagick). Ffmpeg is used to get the frames from the video, and gm to edit the images, respectively. But without classic, the application has no way to access these programs. Perhaps you know the solution, but I’m just not competent, I will be glad to your prompts?

About my application - this is a VR Player for viewing (and editing in the future) photos and videos in 360 degree format (VR).


Places in the code:

Distributed under the MIT License

PS: thank you in advance!

The paradigm for snaps is that they bundle what they need since there is no guarantee that the required software is on the system or a version that you need (a desire to not bundle is not typically a reason to grant classic confinement). You simply need to add ffmpeg and graphicsmagick to your snap and then adjust your snap to use them. You can use stage-packages to obtain prebuilt packages from the Ubuntu archive or build from source. Several snaps are known to ship ffmpeg. If you run into trouble, you might want to ask questions in the #snapcraft category. Good luck!

yes, i tried:

      - libnss3
      - libxss1
      - ffmpeg
      - graphicsmagick

but it didn’t work… when in code i tried to exec command ffmpeg ... or gm ... i got exception binaries can’t be found

Maybe I’m doing something stupid, but I don’t understand yet. Please tell me how to solve this problem, thanks.

The packages ffmpeg and graphicsmagick should be under stage-packages. Otherwise they will not be included in the snap.

of course i’m tried it too, before ask you. And it was the same…

You may need to adjust your PATH to include where the binaries you want are. Since this is no longer a store-request, I’m going to adjust to the snapcraft category so the right people will see your questions.