Using chromium-ffmpeg in third-party browser snaps

Hi oSoMoN,

Thanks for your reply. I just noticed that 107578 is in a different folder (“28” instead of “26”) this time, that’s why I couldn’t find it! The thing is that I use the Opera browser and that isn’t a snap, so I can’t rely on connections and I have to link the actual file for the right version.

Thanks again for your help and for maintaining this snap! Cheers.

I think the OP table should be:

  • FFMpeg 107578 : chromium 102

Both 102 and 103 use FFMpeg 107578

Updated the documentation for a new major version of chromium (105) with its corresponding FFMpeg revision (108372).


Can we update the chromium-ffmpeg package to add 108653 because Opera developer released 92.0.4519.0 (based on Chromium 106.0.5216.6) to the snap store on 2022-08-23 and this uses libffmpeg 108653? However, the most recent (as I write this) chromium-ffmpeg package was released back on 2022-08-01 and as such only has 104707, 107578, 106454 and 108372 (i.e. not 108653).

P.S. I know you have already produced a suitable 108653 binary because I see that the Chromium edge channel is now at version 106.0.5249.12 (released on 2022-08-26) and this too has libffmpeg 108653 (I checked :wink:).

You can probably also drop 104707 (Chr 96), 106454 (100) and 107578 (103) while you are at it as none of those versions are supported anymore and it will make the download smaller.

Does opera-developer 92.0.4519.0 not work with chromium-ffmpeg 108372 ?

Dropping support for old versions need to be done with care, because there might be other snaps in the store that make use of an old version. Last time I checked with the store team, the opera family of snaps were indeed the only clients, but that was several months ago, this might have changed.

Hmm… Ok yes it does seem that 92 is indeed able to play h.264 videos with chromium-ffmpeg 108372. Maybe I asked too soon. I have encountered issues in the past where an older chromium-ffmpeg was used and it seemed to initially play but caused random crashes (sometimes when doing things like seeking). That said, I have tried several videos now and no problems. Ok, perhaps it is fine and you can leave it. I will come back if i start to experience problems or crashes in the future.

Thanks for all your work on this @oSoMoN and the very fast response. Great job! :+1:t2:

Ok, yep that is fair enough!

@oSoMoN Chromium 114 based browsers require 111306 (or above). Older versions will not work due to recent API changes. Opera Developer is still based on 113 (as I write this) and hence can use 108372, so currently there is no problem but once it updates to 114 there will be. Could we get 111306 from 114.0.5735.26 added to the chromium-ffmpeg package now, so there is no period where browsers will not work?

Opera released Opera 100.0.4809.0 developer update based on Chromium 114.0.5720.4 two days ago, so it would be good to get a newer package in the store so that media is usable again.

Thanks for the heads-up, I’m on it now.


The snap is built but the snap store is in a bad temper today[1], that I’ll try to figure out Monday, see you then!


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The snap is now available in the store.

Does this take time? Both stable and candidate channel are still not updated according to the store page here for me:

My mistake, it uploads to the store but doesn’t auto-release, check it now.

I can see it in the candidate channel if I query the snap meta data but the web based version of the store still states


         "channel" : {
            "architecture" : "amd64",
            "name" : "candidate",
            "released-at" : "2023-05-30T07:45:42.482436+00:00",
            "risk" : "candidate",
            "track" : "latest"
         "created-at" : "2023-05-30T06:16:14.666290+00:00",
         "download" : {
            "deltas" : [],
            "sha3-384" : "af8f66ed6c4c0a0f7e1123bd0c640b810cbaec932e1aecef77c66d6d4a65897cfed36e14fdf686688a21aad322164639",
            "size" : 24211456,
            "url" : ""
         "revision" : 33,
         "type" : "app",
         "version" : "0.1"

If I manually download XXzVIXswXKHqlUATPqGCj2w2l7BxosS8_33.snap via wget and extract its contents with unsquashfs I can see that it contains chromium-ffmpeg-111306.

I verified that Opera Developer is now playing h264 videos correctly on Twitter with the codec on candidate channel. I will update the Opera snap to connect to the new plug soon. Could you release the codec on stable channel as well?


That is probably because that is for the stable channel.

At least what we do in Chromium is: We release to candidate and then after testing it is released to stable. So from what I know the next step would be Opera (the main consumer of the snap) updating its snap for the new plug. I need to find a way to contact them.