Using a snap to distribute a theme

Is it possible to distribute a theme or a sound theme using a snap? Is this something that might be supported in the future, or will this never be supported (since a theme basically messes with the host operating system, which we don’t want snaps to do)?

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We’re working on exactly that at the moment. See details here:

independently of what gustavo points out above, you can already package a (sound)theme in a snap and provide it to all other snaps via a content interface slot … but indeed that ony works for snapped applications and not for classic desktop apps…

Just to clarify, my question is about exposing a theme from a snap to the host system. Is this something that is being worked on too? I can’t seem to find any mention of that.

We aren’t working on that right now, but it would be easy to support once we get over the most important desktop features being worked on. For now, I suppose you can just create a symlink from the right directory into the snap of your choice if you’d like to do that by hand, but others would need to do the same.

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