Username update

Hi. Please could someone change the username in snapcraft from joegoulden to grinmw? I updated it in launchpad already but the changes aren’t showing in snapcraft. Thanks.

Same for me. Can my username be updated from alemartf to alemart? Already updated it in launchpad, too.

Hey folks,

Can you please change this yourselves in ?

Once you do, please let me know so I can run one extra step on my side and we should all be golden.

  • Daniel

Done here! Thank you.

Done, thanks Daniel.

Can you check things are as they should now?

  • Daniel

The Snap Store displays the updated username. Page still displays the previous username, for some reason.

Same for me. Snap store username at is correct in showing the new name but publisher account details - username on is the old name still. It looks like my published snaps are going to appear under the new name though, which is what I wanted, so think I’m good.