Use programs installed on system

I am trying to create a snap for printer applications. I need access to various executables installed on the system. Like, I want to use cups-config( /usr/bin/cups ) and have read access to various files in /usr/lib/cups/. Is it possible? If so, How?

how does your snap know cups-config et al are installed in the system?
why would your snap not ship its own cups?

The configure script is checking if cups-config is available, but as I said I am not able to access the executables installed on the system.
I am working on Printer Application Frameworks. This will allow us to create snaps of printer driver packages. So, a user might have to install different snaps for different printer driver packages. So, I want to keep these snaps light weight.

have you talked with other people who have packed cups and thought about printer drivers and the like?

Till kamppeter (OpenPrinting) is my mentor for this project. He is also the maintainer of printing-stack-snap. I looked at the snapcraft.yaml of that snap, but in that we are installing cups as a snap.
I will contact Till and see if he can help with this issue.

@till.kamppeter might be around here also.