Use of free command in strict confinement

I have a snap that uses the linux free command.
Using snappy-debug, I see that I have a problem with the use of this.
Is the snappy-debug suggestion accurate, or is there a plug I should be connecting to.

Log: apparmor=“DENIED” operation=“exec” profile=“snap.epi-gateway.main” name="/usr/bin/free" pid=27475 comm=“getRAMUsageNew” requested_mask=“x” denied_mask=“x” fsuid=0 ouid=0

File: /usr/bin/free (exec)


  • adjust snap to ship ‘free’

  • adjust program to use relative paths if the snap already ships ‘free’

Hi @jenny.murphy,

Without seeing the snapcraft.yaml, I can only guess at this, but have you tried adding:

  - procps

I believe the procps package includes free.

Thank you, you sent me in the right direction.
If I add procps to my stage-packages, it fixes the issue.