Use input method (IME) in mir-kiosk app

Chinese users need IME to input their characters. But in Ubuntu Core, I cannot install and config it as usual. Is there any way to pre-config a Chinese IME (like ibus-pinyin) in snapcraft?

@bugraaydogar I believe you got an OSK working for a kiosk app, might the same approach be useful here?

Well, In my final experiment, I was able to run two separate snaps; a sample UI application based on Flutter and a custom build matchbox-keyboard on the Desktop. However, in the Core, I tried to combine them into a single snap but could not make it work.

@qcmiao I would rather suggest embedding a Chinese keyboard into your application directly if possible.

Thank you for your advice. My project is based on electron, I had tried to find a JavaScript Chinese IME but failed. Chinese IME usually need a word list over 30MB, it may be the reason nobody put it into browser.

Just as an idea, if you are using Electron to develop your application, it means that it could be converted to a web app easily. Then you could use qtwebbrowser which has an integrated virtual keyboard that has some Chinese layouts as described here.

You can find the snap of the qtwebbrowser in the following repo;

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