Usage of review-tools

Hello, following jdstrand’s blog post I was trying to use review-tools.check-notices, but for any snap I tried it throws a warning similar to this:

review-tools.check-notices chromium_1424.snap 
WARN: ERROR: Unterminated string starting at: line 1 column 65163200 (char 65163199)


I installed the review-tools snap package (stable, 0.48+git 2020-12-04 (2014)).

Thanks a lot in advance!

I cannot reproduce this with stable or edge of the review-tools:

$ snap info review-tools
snap-id:      4Zx8o1ub19ibqNwTQbBHzUgT9zM0TLGs
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: today at 09:52 CST
  latest/stable:    0.48+git 2020-12-04 (2014) 39MB -
$ review-tools.check-notices ./chromium_1424.snap 
  "chromium": {
    "1424": {
      "snapcraft": [

Can you file a bug at with more steps to reproduce?

Thanks a lot for the quick response. Weirdly, with the same revision and no other changes to my system that I can think of, I can’t reproduce it anymore and it works as expected now. If it happens again, I will file a bug.