Upgrades Break Links

I am running Fedora 28 Workstation, I run into an issue where when a snap upgrades the menu item no longer appears in the menu, I have gone back and just been having to make manual menu entries just calling “snap run AppName” but I don’t know why it is loosing these application names.

Does restarting gnome-shell (alt-f2, r, enter) help?

It is not about restarting of the gnome-shell it is that the actual menu-entries disappear from the system on upgrades to the snap.

A couple of questions which might help the devs:

Can you post the output of snap version?
Which snaps have you seen this happen with?
When you see this occur, do all snap entries disappear en masse or only the changed snap?
How are you verifying that the .desktop files are gone, e.g. which location are you looking? (snapd installs these files in a different location to the rest of your menu)
Does rebooting change any thing?
Does removing the affected snap and reinstalling bring the icon back?