Upgraded xss to 1.00, got error: pontentially sensitive files: .unpack.js.swp lint-snap-v2_iffy_files

I upgraded Wekan xss dependency to 1.00

Then snap build server gave this error:
found potentially sensitive files in package: lib/node_modules/node-pre-gyp/node_modules/tar/lib/.unpack.js.swp lint-snap-v2_iffy_files

Is there something wrong with xss 1.00 package?


looks like someone had unpack.js open in vim when creating the xss package and the snap check tools consider the swap file as potentially dubious … if you are sure the file doesnt come from an editing session you had yourself, i’d contact the xss packager to fix it.

I have not edited unpack.js ever. I’ll contact packager.