Updating snapd in debian unstable

@zyga-snapd and I had a look at updating snapd in Debian unstable to 2.35.2. I’ve updated the packaging and pushed it to a new home on salsa:


However the github.com/snapcore/snapd/interfaces/apparmor tests fail, so we need to debug that before we can upload the new package.

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Any update on this upgrade?

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Indeed, would be nice to get this out.

Fwiw the full failure is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rMZ5F4nVtr/

One option of course would be to disable/ignore these particular tests. I don’t understand what they are testing well enough to know if they reflect significant defects in functionality.

I updated salsa to 2.37 and more tests fail, full log at http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mrS6zc2vBc/ (some details in --help wrapping?)

That previous log was a Debian schroot on my bionic laptop. I ran the build on a debian porter box to see if the ubuntu kernel was a factor and lo and behold the apparmor tests pass. The wrapping ones still fail though.

The wrapping ones are due to a mismatch in the version of go-flags. The tests could be changed to use testutil.EqualsWrapped if getting the right go-flags is not an option (but note the generated manpage will probably be buggy, as that was the main thing fixed by the go-flags version bump).