Updating config.txt for device tree overlays in gadget snap

I have a custom version of the pi-gadget snap (https://github.com/snapcore/pi-gadget) which is part of our Brand Store. Previously I have made change to the config files in the config directory and the changes took effect when I re-imaged my device. However if I make a change to one of the files in the config directory, and push a new build of the gadget snap to the store and release it, should these changes take effect on any devices that refresh to that latest revision? Or do the config files only get migrated on first boot?

IIRC you need an update with edition: entry…


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Yes I did that and after a refresh it looked like the config.txt has all the required entries. Then the device did a scheduled reboot which I presume was for the config.txt changes to take effect. However the bad news is that the device failed to reboot. Maybe I didn’t do enough, I just added the update lines to the ubuntu-seed structure as follows:

bootloader: piboot

  - name: ubuntu-seed
    role: system-seed
    filesystem: vfat
    type: 0C
    size: 1200M
        edition: 2
      - source: $kernel:dtbs/dtbs/broadcom/
        target: /
      - source: $kernel:dtbs/dtbs/overlays/
        target: /overlays
      - source: boot-assets/
        target: /
  - name: ubuntu-boot
    role: system-boot
    filesystem: vfat
    type: 0C
    # whats the appropriate size?