Updating a package declaration


We have a Brand Store, and would like to update a “package declaration” so we can set up Refresh Control via a gating snap.

The documentation for that process is here: https://core.docs.ubuntu.com/en/build-store/refresh-control

The section called “Preliminary setup” mentions editing the snaps “review capabilities” as an account with Reviewer permissions, but none of our accounts seem to be able to edit that information, it appears read only for even an account with all roles [ Admin, Review, Publisher, Viewer ].

How can we edit this ? Is it a support request ? OR is there any way we can do it ourselves [ preferred ! ].



Hi Justin,

This needs to be set up administratively via a support request; unfortunately the initial setup cannot be self-serviced at this point.

  • Daniel

Hi @roadmr - thanks for confirming.

Creating support request now.

Just to confirm, we will need to create a support request for every gating snap we would like to created ?


Should be fair to bundle all the ones you need now in a single request :slight_smile:

Cool , got it - thanks for info :slight_smile:

Cheers, Just