Update the Firefox to latest stable build

i have to say this again.

The Firefox snap is maintained directly by Mozilla. Note that the latest stable version is in the candidate channel, should you wish to try it and provide feedback to the Mozilla developers.


I read this article and went to Firefox official website to check by pressing given “main download option”. It was release yesterday. Downloading files shows Firefox 66.

What am i missing here? Is the article that i read is wrong? Is the website (firefox.com) treat me specially? You tell me.

Note: Even the Firefox browser which i downloaded from Snapstore, tell me that there is an update available. You can check it yourself from the browser by going into “About FireFox” section.

Mozilla has its own release schedule regarding the snap distribution, it’s their responsibility to determine when the latest release should land the stable channel (despite other Firefox distribution methods may indicate).

Even the Firefox browser which i downloaded from Snapstore, tell me that there is an update available.

That’s really a bug as Firefox itself no longer handles the update it should disable the update checking functionality just like the one shipped in Ubuntu did. Please report it.

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It’s known issue. It’s caused by the fact that mozilla just copy their pre-compiled binaries from release tarball to snap instead of building them solely on snap environment.


I like how Jetbrains do it with e.g. Phpstorm. You get an update notification saying the snap has been updated with a link to the blog post. Would be smooth if Mozilla would do something like that.

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the issue is solved by:

apt install firefox

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Mozilla really is awfully bad at updating the stable channel. It’s already over a month behind!
What do you think guys, is the esr channel a better choice?

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Only option for now is “apt install firefox”.
I get updates in time. Maintained officially by Firefox.

In fact it’s maintained by Canonical, if you check out the about dialog.

I have no idea why people will want to use the snap distribution of Firefox in the first place except for the ESR/old versions.

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Oh. (Thanks for correcting. Canonical is doing a great job then :upside_down_face:)