"Update available" notification for shell

I’ve seen


for the first time today. I expect that I usually don’t because I frequently reboot my PC, which is when I expect that snapd performs its automatic updates.

However, I recently chsh -s’d powershell as my default shell - see Revisionless path to mounted snap package resource? - #21 by soumyaDghosh - so I assume it has prevented it updating. Relevantly, snap refresh outputs:

All snaps up to date.

How should I remediate this? I don’t want to have to change shells and reboot every time an update is issued.

Perhaps I’ve misattributed the cause of this notification?

I had this same issue, what I did was run kill all powershell. This will log you out, tho, so be careful.

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@yesseruser, there’s no way to apply an update for it at boot, like dnf can - “offline updates”, as Discover calls them? I can’t imagine that just killing the shell shall update it automatically.

I’m not sure, but it did work for me. I’m on Ubuntu tho, so it might be different from your OS.

I had to run skill -KILL -u RokeJulianLockhart as root (as https://superuser.com/revisions/358841/2#:~:text=skill%20-KILL%20-u%20vivek describes) due to https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/random-indefinite-system-hang/110020/1#related-issues-3 recurring, and upon login, saw


so it appears indeed that merely logging out and then in remediates it, irrespective of the method used.

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