Update apps with snap?

I have linux Mint as my OS and have installed mailspring as my mail client. I currently have version 1.2.1.x installed and keep getting updates about new versions. snap doesn;t seem to be updating it and when I try to use the “refresh” option snap says I already have the latest version installed. Problem is the latest stable version is 1.4.2.x not 1.2.1.x How do I update?

YOU can’t update the snap - - - -that’s up to the snap maintainer. I believe that it is possible to look up who ‘owns’ the snap. If you do that and then contact them you might get results.

Mailspring 1.4.2 is in the store. How did you install it? What’s the output of the following commands:-

snap info mailspring
snap version

I suspect you may have manually installed the snap from a local file, not the store, or perhaps specified --devmode which will disable automatic updates.

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