Unrevoking / reset snap name


I had the intention of removing a revision of the ‘imap2gmail’ snap, but somehow I messed up and removed/revoked the entire snap.

When trying to re-register the snap, I get an “You previously owned “imap2gmail” but it was revoked.” message. How can I come further?


Kristofer Tingdahl

How were you able to revoke the snap? Only admins have permission to do so, precisely because people kept doing this by mistake and then requiring administrative help anyway to undo the revocation.

The best we can do is remove the revocation record so you can re-register the snap, though you’ll have to treat it as an entirely new, freshly-registered snap and re-upload and re-publish any revisions you care about.

Let me know and I cn do that for you.

  • Daniel


Thanks for your reply !

Quite honestly, the revocation came as a surprise to me: I thought I was revoking a release, and not the entire snap. I did register the snap earlier today, so I guess I had high rights in it.

Perhaps my employment at Canonical gives me more rights that I should have (I’m director of IS). If that is the case, it should be adjusted, as I don’t have any operational tasks in the snapstore.

In any case, please take the necessary steps to reset the snap, and let me know what i need to do to proceed.

Again, thanks!

This is done, I’ll also review those permissions because even snap publishers don’t have access to the revocation control for their own snaps.

  • Daniel