Uninstalling anbox, no suppress of /snap

Hi !
I removed anbox and snap from Ubuntu 16.04 but I stiil have a /scan directory that I cannot suppress and two mounted “devices” (17 and 2898) that polute several applications.
How can I suppress /snap and avoid “mounting” these two devices.
Thanks for your help

The two loop back mounted devices come with snaps you have still installed (check $ snap list). If you want to rid of these and /snap entirely you have to purge snapd itself and will loose the ability to install any snaps with this. There are a lot more applications available via snaps. You can find the highlighted ones with $ snap find

If you still want to get rid of snapd you can achieve this with $ sudo apt purge snapd but please be aware that this will remove all data of all installed snaps!

thanks a lot.
I will investigate in snapd to see the problem.
Best regards.