Unify asserts.ErrNotFound and store.AssertionNotFoundError

When we had to return errors about not finding assertions in the assertions service we introduced store.AssertionNotFound so to carry a bit more information and have more informative messages.

Over time it is clear that having parallel asserts.ErrNotFound and store.AssertionNotFoundError is a nuisance, sometimes confusing, sometimes requiring converting back and forth.

Plan is to just have a slightly tweaked asserts.AssertionNotFoundError and a asserts.IsNotFound(err) helper for checks.

@pedronis If this is done, can you please drop the tracking tags, or otherwise should we move this to the backlog instead?

it’s not merged but I do have a branch with quite more than 50% of the work done, I still intend to try to land it before 2.29.

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merged, on master now there is only asserts.NotFoundError used both by asserts and store