Unable to use Multipass to build core22 snaps

Whenever I try to build a core22 snap using multipass (via the following command


), the build fails spectacularly.

First, the system outputs Launching instance… which hangs for about 5 minutes, then I get

Failed to launch VM 'snapcraft-<snap-name>'
Command that failed: 'multipass launch snapcraft:22.04 --name snapcraft-<snap-name> --cpus 2 --memory 2G --disk
Command exit code: 2
Command output: <Long string of raw bytes>

After this, almost every multipass commands (excluding ‘multipass list’) cause the terminal to hang. This includes attempts to uninstall multipass altogether. If I attempt to try the machine, the system hangs on the boot splash screen (more precisely, I think it is hanging while attempting to turn off. Choosing ‘Power Off’ results in the same behavior as ‘restart’). At this point, the only way I can regain access to my system is by cold booting (Not sure it that’s the right word for holding my power button for 15 seconds until everything shuts off).

This feels like a bug to me, but I’m wondering if anybody else has experienced it and if there’s a way to fix it. The snap I’m currently working on won’t build with LXD, so it would be nice if I could get mulitpass to behave so that I can use core22.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

If I understand correctly, these problems are occuring not just from Multipass being executed via Snapcraft?

As in, running multipass commands like multipass list directly from the terminal is causing the system to hang?

During normal usage, multipass seems to work as expected. However, after attempting to use multipass to build a core22 snap (and before hard rebooting my computer), running multipass commands directly from the terminal causes the system to hang. To clarify the wording in the original post, multipass list is the only command that continues to work while in this state. multipass list works both during normal usage, and after trying to build for core22.

Sorry, there is a typo here. It should read

If I attempt to restart the machine

Do you mind sharing your OS, total memory, available disk space, CPU, and number of CPU cores? I wonder if a resource is getting overconsumed when launching the VM.

And would you mind posting the full output of raw bytes?

Sure thing. I am running Ubuntu 22.04.3 (jammy). My machine has 8G ram, 250G storage, 12th gen intel i5-1240P (12 Cores, 16 threads). I’ll reply with the output shortly.

After trying to build with multipass for the first time since making this post, it appears to be working properly.

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