Unable to upload/promote snaps to edge

Starting yesterday, 2022-12-14, we are noticing issues with logging in and uploading our snaps. I can see on the status page that there were outages yesterday, but today, 2022-12-15, snapcraft upload still seems to have a lot more time than it did before. It used to upload one version of a snap within around 10 seconds, and now it cannot do that in 90, staying hung in the Processing... stage.

In the UI on the website, I can see those versions appearing in the Revisions available to release section almost immediately, but I cannot promote them to edge. When I press the Promote/close → latest/edge literally nothing happens, not even any network interactions in the browser console.

The snap in question is https://snapcraft.io/adguard-home.

Hi, the outage yesterday caused a few review tasks to get lost in the shuffle, and the store thinks there are still reviews pending, this is why you can’t do anything. I’ve rerun the lost tasks and all your revisions should now be either already released, or ready to release.

  • Daniel

Thank you for the response, Daniel. We will recheck the upload shortly and report back.

We’ve tested all of our channels, and it seems like everything is working well. Thanks again!

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