Unable to update snapd-desktop-integration: cannot perform the following tasks

After ‘sudo snap refresh’ get the following message:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Copy snap “snapd-desktop-integration” data (cannot move “/home/user/.snap/data/snapd-desktop-integration” to “/home/user/snap/snapd-desktop-integration”: rename /home/user/.snap/data/snapd-desktop-integration /home/user/snap/snapd-desktop-integration: file exists)

Tried ‘sudo killall snap-store’ and still the same message.

Weird seing /home/user/.snap/ in that path. Have you done something to change paths to snap folders?

On my desktop I only have /home/alan/snap/snapd-desktop-integration. What’s the output of snap version?

How do I find out what the snap version is?

Hi @charmingfox2976 .

Do this as @popey indicated:

snap version

snap 2.62

snapd 2.62

series 16

ubuntu 22.04

kernel 6.5.0-28-generic