Unable to update "Snap Store": (null): cannot refresh "snap-store": snap "snap-store" has running apps (ubuntu-softwarwe), pids: 1595

Getting this error when try to update snap-store in my ubuntu 22.04 version.

This is a known bug, you cannot refresh snap-store from the snap-store itself. Either keep it as it is, it’ll auto update itself or just run

sudo snap refresh snap-store
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i tried the sudo snap refresh in the command line bput it keeps telling me its running even when its forced quit. its not auto updating like you said and idk how to fix it


sudo killall snap-store
sudo snap refresh

This will kill all the instances.


this worked perfectly. thanks so much. im new to linux in general and im trying to learn cmd line, at least an hour a day. so its a process lol.


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