Unable to set Snap apps as default and caja file manager doesnt show snap apps as an option to open files

I Am using the latest Parrot os -5.1 LTS with Mate Desktop 1.24, i have installed both snaps and flatpaks in my system and both the apps are being shown in the application menu and can be succesfully launched, but i am facing two issues-

  1. While Flatpaks can be set as the preferred apps or default apps in the Preferred Applications settings, Snap apps are not visible and i am using snap firefox,thunderbird and telegram but since they are not set as default, they are not behaving properly, ironically all flatpak apps can be set as default like native deb apps.

  2. The file manager app caja, in the “open with” tab option while selecting files shows all deb and flatpak apps to choose from but snap apps are absent, this hinders the usage of snap apps like vlc ,caja lets me open files with flatpaks and deb apps but it doesn’t give or show snap apps like vlc to open such files.

Screenshot at 2022-10-04 15-01-27