Unable to remove or update a snap

I’m having an issue with a snap, which I can’t update or remove.

error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Stop snap "fwupd" services (systemctl command [stop snap.fwupd.fwupd.service] failed with exit status 5: Failed to stop snap.fwupd.fwupd.service: Unit snap.fwupd.fwupd.service not loaded.

How can I solve it?

Any help? Still unable to remove the app

You can provide more information? Maybe stop this service using: sudo systemctl stop ufwd

Hi Alculete,

Is your issue easily reproducible? If so, please explain the steps.

The message suggest that the service that is attempted to be stopped is not even loaded. Did you perform any manual service control before trying to update or remove?

Hi I was able to solve the issue it seems it was conflicting with gnome-software which also had firmware installed. I had to remove it first to be able to remove the fwupd and then reinstall it.

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