Unable to release OpenRocket

There was a challenge with the OpenRocket snap using a link outside of the snap that was requiring a security review. This has since been resolved, but I still cannot publish the snap to the edge channel. Can somebody please look into this and let me know if there’s something that needs to be done?

Hi, can you give us more details as to why you can’t publish to edge? Do you get an error?

I checked and what’s happening here is that the revision with the link issue (319) is not approved due to a pending question from the reviewer. So any subsequent uploads were not processed (which presumably includes releasing to edge) because they’re waiting for resolution of revision 319 - the “queue nature” of uploads to snap is at play here.

Please check the last question and once you reply to Alex he should be able to finalize the review (either approve or reject) and the rest of the revisions should get processed (one by one, so it’ll take several minutes).

  • Daniel

Hmm, I’ve been looking around and I know that I reached out to reviewers for some updates when there was a problem with the link issue. However, try as I might - I cannot find the place to respond to Alex there. Any help?

edit: found it - I had to go to the hidden dashboard.snapcraft.io in order to respond to Alex. Is there a better way these days?

And yes, I figured it would take awhile (sorry for that, took awhile for me to get back to working on the snap).