Unable to promote fwupd snaps anymore

Lately the fwupd CI has been timing out at the “processing” step every single time. The Action we use is snapcore/action-publish.

Here’s an example: https://github.com/fwupd/fwupd/actions/runs/8602708700/job/23573130542

Well we recently released a 1.9.16 release, and capture the artifact to CI so I thought let me just try to manually upload it and promote the artifact. It turns out somehow it’s uploaded but never got released to a channel.

$ snapcraft upload fwupd_1.9.16_amd64.snap
Issues while processing snap:g                                                                                
- binary_sha3_384: A file with this exact same content has already been uploaded
Full execution log: '/home/u/.local/state/snapcraft/log/snapcraft-20240409-091715.075742.log'     

So I go look here: https://snapcraft.io/fwupd/releases

And I see that I can’t actually select it because it’s grayed out. So what do I do to release it?

What do you see at OpenID transaction in progress ? Likely, it’s wedged on one revision, so the subsequent ones are blocked.

Yeah there is one blocked at that page.

So I hit the button to reject it and then another takes it’s place. Somehow the 1.9.16 one made it through, but all the edge ones are a mess still. I guess I’ll try to reject them too?

Well that seems to have worked. I deleted a few from the queue and the others cleared up on their own. Thanks!

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