Unable to preview post formatting prior to posting

I’d like to use markdown for shell script fragments, but since I can’t see a preview
of what comes out the other end, I’m unlikely to use markdown at all, and so unlikely
to even bother writing at all. I’m a sucker for formatting, and I hate re-editing a post
I’ve just submitted.

I’ve also seen a few yaml fragments where the formatting was completely lost
(everything starting at column zero). And that makes me really mad, since you
can’t just copy paste, and have to reformat the whole thing on your end, making
many mistakes in the process (yaml indentation is as critical as in python).

Can you please activate the previewing of posts?
Or is there a way to activate it that I don’t know about?

It’s a ‘help us help you’ kind of thing.

Preview is enabled. Always has been. See…

Embarassing, i did click the “esc x” thingy for suggested similar posts, only to miss the next “esc x” thingy to remove the ‘thanks for contributing’ screen. I think the second “esc x” is one too many, please consider removing it.