Unable to install snap-store on Ubuntu


I’m unable to install the snap-store on my Ubuntu (22.04). When I execute

sudo snap install snap-store

I get following error:

Fehler: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Den Konfigurationshook von Snap "snap-store" ausführen, falls vorhanden (run hook "configure": <exceeded maximum runtime of 5m0s>)

Can anyone help?

Information about my system:

snap version


snap list

(postman is installed but not working because of a “sanity timeout expired” error. Maybe both errors are somehow connected to each other?)


I tried reinstalling snap, but it didn’t solve the problem. I first noticed the problems after the Ubuntu dist upgrade to 22.04.

Update: I was able to install the snap-store today. The only thing that has changed is the network configuration. I don’t use the vpn of our company today. I’m not sure, how this can have such an impact on the installation of snap packages.