Unable to install any snap on any Debian system: Client.Timeout exceeded

I’m trying to use snap packages on my Debian systems, but I consistently get the following error (only the package name changes):

error: cannot find snap “hello-world”: Get https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/snaps/details/hello-world?channel=&fields=anon_download_url%2Carchitecture%2Cchannel%2Cdownload_sha3_384%2Csummary%2Cdescription%2Cdeltas%2Cbinary_filesize%2Cdownload_url%2Cepoch%2Cicon_url%2Clast_updated%2Cpackage_name%2Cprices%2Cpublisher%2Cratings_average%2Crevision%2Cscreenshot_urls%2Csnap_id%2Csupport_url%2Ctitle%2Ccontent%2Cversion%2Corigin%2Cdeveloper_id%2Cprivate%2Cconfinement: net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

OS: Debian 9 i686 (real hardware), Debian 9 amd64 (VM)
$ snap --version
snap 2.21-2+b1
snapd 2.21-2+b1
series 16
debian 9

Commands tried:
sudo snap install hello
sudo snap install hello-world
snap install hello-world
sudo snap install atom
sudo snap install core
sudo snap refresh

Yes, I rebooted.

It works fine on my Ubuntu systems, and I can install and run apt packages fine on my Debian systems, so it should not be a network issue.

Thank you in advance!

Update: I ended up finding a solution myself.

  • uninstall snapd
  • reinstall snapd
  • reboot
  • install core manually

Now you can install the stuff you actually want! I used it to get micro editor and lxd on Debian.