Unable to delete netplan-all-* connection profiles on latest/stable

Hi there.

Seems like I cannot remove the netplan-all-en or netplan-all-eth network manager connection profiles. I can delete it using nmcli con del netplan-all-en, and it does not show up in /var/run/NetworkManager/system-connections.

But as soon as the gateway reboots, it is back.

Also, modifying one property/setting of the connection, will be “saved”, but back to defaults when I reboot.

I want to setup a static network-manager connection profile on one network interface, and it does not help me if I have a “returning” default network connection profile that takes over the network interface.

I am running Network-Manager version 1.2.2-31.

core                    16-2.60.2                    15930  latest/stable  canonical✓  core
core20                  20230801                     2019   latest/stable  canonical✓  base
modem-manager           1.8.0-14                     517    latest/stable  canonical✓  -
network-manager         1.2.2-31                     820    latest/stable  canonical✓  -

It gets quite annoying if I can’t access my gateway, with it losing it’s network connection everytime it reboots.

EDIT: It appears to be solved when I install network-manager from 20/stable. Must be some incompatibility between Network-Manager and Core20.

Found solution,

Upgrade network-manager to 20/stable or later.

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