Unable to create user for device

Hi @ogra ,

I tried to create user for ubuntu core device by providing by ubuntu account email id.
It show an error "Creating user failed: https://login.ubuntu.com/api/v2/keys/<mail_id>: x509:
certificate has expired or is not yet valid ".
I already uploaded my public key on my ubuntu store account.
Please provide some pointer, appreciate your support here.


Well, either your account is not properly set up (did you check at login.ubuntu.com ?) or your device is behind some proxy that intercepts the certificate verification …

… or your device clock is wrong enough to not be able to verify the cert.
Ubuntu ships an initrd script that tries to set the clock to the last mount time or the creation time of the filesystem in early boot (so the time is at least not too far off) … later on ntp is used to set the accurate time when the network connection is brought up … if you are behind some firewall/proxy that blocks ntp you might not get the clock set properly …

Thanks @ogra yes i am behind the company proxy , will check this with our IT-team.

Yes the problem is with proxy. Now we are able to access the device.

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