Unable to create core ubuntu image for i.mx8

Hi, everyone i am unable to create core Ubuntu image using kernel snap and gadget snap using model assertion for i.mx8 machine.

You need to give some more info and tell us how it did not work and where exactly you have the problem, attach some info about the errors you get when you run which command or do which task :slight_smile:

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here i build image using kernel snap and gadget snap but got this error.

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snapcraft.yaml for kernel snap :-

snapcraft.yaml for gadget snap :-


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the gadget code in snapd (which is what ubuntu-image uses in the backend) expects a uboot config file in place (typically a link to uboot.env or in newer (UC20) gadgets to boot.scr), you commented out the code that puts this in place in the snapcraft.yaml of your gadget …


I have modified my gadget snap and build it , after building i run gadget snap with model assertion for Ubuntu image… so i got this error