Ulimit configuration for snapped processes


I am wondering what the correct way to go about setting ulimits for snapped processes. Could someone expand on the suggested method for setting ulimit values for snapped processes?



I have found a path to setting the ulimit values in the systemd service file, this topic. Possibly this is the way it should be done then, or is there a way to configure/control this through snapcraft.yaml?


I don’t think we have a way for doing this properly yet, but we have on our long term roadmap a more generic mechanism for expressing resource limits for snaps, so this should be taken into consideration when we design that and work on it. Note that we don’t have much to share about that yet as it’s very early stages and won’t likely be completed any time soon unfortunately.


i think you should be able to use a command-chain: wrapper script from where you can call the ulimit command as an interim workaround though.

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