Udisks2 or another disk manager for Ubuntu Core

I’ve recently started playing with Ubuntu Core on a RPi 4 by trying to get a Plex Server going. No problem getting Plex Server working except that I cannot mount the local disk or a network drive on my NAS.

The documentation says that udisks2 should be available but I read somewhere that it was deprecated and it has been removed from the Snap store.

Is there another way to manage the disks and get them mounted so that I can configure Plex to actually play videos?

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As per the deprecation, you can include udisks2 in your own snap to have the same functionality.

Also, this should be moved to the #snap category, as it is not really related to the store at all.


Thanks for the info but can I check that

  • really there is no alternative disk manager in the store, and
  • the only option is to install a deprecated version of udisks2 from github? Seems to go against one of the benefits of snap i.e. having a straightforward user interface. Disk management seems like a basic requirement to have.

here is an example snap that you could base on:

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