UC22 remodelling error

I’m attempting to make use of remodelling to change the list of snaps available on our systems

I get the following error:

$ sudo snap remodel /path/to/model.assert
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Create recovery system with label "20240208" (cannot create a recovery system with label "20240208" for my-station-2: cannot fetch assertion sequence point, fetcher must be created using NewSequenceFormingFetcher)

The new model file has validation-sets listed in it, previously not. I’m not certain if it’s related but a browse through snapd code potentially implies it.

Is this supported, or any other potential reason for this error?

code spelunking:


We believe this has been fixed in master: many: take into account validation sets during remodel (#13243) · snapcore/snapd@154d46b (github.com)

Could you refresh snapd to the edge channel and check if that allows you to continue?

thank you, that does seem to work. Any idea when that commit will end up on stable channel?

The change is rather large, so it will not be in 2.61.x but we plan to release 2.62 at the end of Feburary.

I assume we are waiting for all of these still


We plan to cut the release at the 14th of March IIRC.

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