UC20 cannot enter '@' sign to log in

I am unable to sign in to Ubuntu Core 20 on a Raspberry Pi 2 because it won’t accept the ‘@’ sign when trying to enter the SSO details. I am also not able to enter any other special characters such as ‘$’. This is with a German keyboard, but typing the keys that would create a ‘@’ or ‘$’ on a UK keyboard also does not work.

Using Ubuntu Core is quite cumbersome compared to other embedded systems. It would help if there would be a headless setup mode, or even better, a mode that allows configuring with a configuration file placed in the filesystem.

There is work going on to support easier onboarding mechanisms in the future, but i don’t know where on the roadmap this lives currently, might be a UC22 feature …

meanwhile you could use a system-user assertion or build your image with a config snap package or cloud-init.conf file for automated image onboading …

On a side note, @ is AltGr+Q IIRC

In the end, I managed to sign in via a serial connection.

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Hi, can you file a bug against bugs.launchpad.net/subiquity mentioning that you were not able to use your German keyboard layout with console-conf on UC20? Thanks

subiquity bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/subiquity/+bug/1943504

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