UC20 and uboot.env

gadget snap is not taking boot-arguments from uboot.env. I am trying for UC20.

@ogra, Below statements are from one of our discussion
with UC20 everything changed (specifically uboot.env is gone and has been replaced) and i do not know where/if there is any documentation of what bits and pieces are needed yet …

What are the uboot modification and uboot.env configurations required for UC20?

it uses boor.sel and boot.scr now, take a look at the pi gadgets (specifically at the Makefile, since all snapcraft.yaml integration from before has been reverted to be a Makefile hack) that i linked to in our other thread …

for more details perhaps @waveform and @sil2100 can probably help (they took over the gadget maintenance with UC20)

@waveform and @sil2100,

Could you please give uboot level reference for gadget snap preparation for UC20.

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Hi, Is there any reference for UC20 gadget preparation?