UC18 Cannot find the 'snap' command error

Good day.

After building a custom Ubuntu Core 18 image, it seems like that it cannot find the “snap” command after booting the image (which did take 30 seconds before displaying anything onscreen) I’m testing this on a USB flash disk, flashing this to the internal SSD, does not make any changes to the “snap” command failed output.

I also noticed that the snapd daemon “restarts” a few times during first boot, and it feels like snapd is crashing while running the seed process? Also, some internal process indicates that it is waiting for “Server restart”?

Info of my snaps: Kernel 5.4.xx from ubuntu-focal git, master -> generic kconfigflavour custom gadget, cloned from ‘18’ branch of pc-gadget-amd64 on git. core18 latest/stable -> 20220831 snapd latest/stable -> 2.57.2

How can I get some insight/logs on this, to diagnose the issue? Been losing my hair over this since yesterday.

To add more context, it seems like from the logs that the run-snapd-from-snap service, is the one that fails?

EDIT: (This also happens with pc-kernel snap as kernel snap, took screenshots from running pc-kernel snap as kernel snap, below)