Ubuntu terminal

Can someone help please. I did a certain angular command on my terminal now (was ng common I think), Now my terminal isnt able to take any input. I use Ubuntu 22.04.

Hi @naddy .

Reboot the system to see.

Hello @baldeuniversel , I have restarted my laptop a number of times still the same issue persists.

Okay !

You can use a tty to fix it .

Do this combination :


After, tell me what to see .

I was taken to a black screen then I entered my credentials and these details were displayed

Also she’ll integration fails and the bash script is there

Tell me when you will be there !

Is that the issue is linked to your vscode (only your vscode program) ?

It was cutting across every terminal. I managed to sort it but now when I ran ng serve the ng latin terminal comes and this is what comes up when I check the angular cli version ng -v Mg++ version: Mg++ 1.5beta1 (formerly MicroGnuEmacs Adv.)

In tty mode, the characters are displayed, aren’t ?