Ubuntu Store My Apps page is super out of date

The page for developers here is very out of date, still lists “make 15.04 snaps” and “click packages.”

Also, the real Snap Dashboard link is actually very hard to find, being:

There needs to be a far more obvious link to Snapcraft.io Dashboard (there is no link to it on the home page right now), and the old myapps.developer.ubuntu.com website needs to be updated or shut down.

The old website is kept for backwards compatibility reasons, because we care about our existing users who still need to deal with 15.04 snaps. Don’t think of it as “very out of date” so much as perfectly stable.

Do you mean to snapcraft.io or from snapcraft.io?

-1 as pointed out, this is serving existing users.

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AFAIK the myapps page doesnt let you upload anything anymore. There was a promise to phone users that the old store will be available til end of the year and there might also still be some 15.04 snappy customers using it … it will be all shut down eventually though.

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I meant that it is confusing (for one), but there is another reason. The second reason is that finding the dashboard from snapcraft.io is almost impossible, because the link is so buried and hard to find. It needs to be link in the top-right corner of snapcraft.io. Somewhere obvious, because I had to Google it to find it.