Ubuntu snapd /var/lib/snapd/seed/seed.yaml

in Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic the problem with snapd and /var/lib/snapd/seed/seed.yaml
is still open and snapd 2.35.1+18.10 does not solve the problem

@kenvandine Can you comment on this?

I’m not sure any comment is necessary: the issue is understood, is marked critical and in progress. Opening more threads and bugs and emails will not let us fix it any quicker.


Yeah, nothing I can do here besides wait for the fix.

today update contains snapd 2.35.2+18.10. does this solve the problem? i don’t know because i had bypassed the problem editing /var/lib/snapd/seed/seed.yaml so the new snapd has been installed without problems.
In a new install from Ubuntu 18.10 “Cosmic Cuttlefish” - Alpha amd64 (20180913) after update+upgrade snapd (2.35.2+18.10) over (2.35.1+18.10) all snaps are working