Ubuntu Mate Impish Software Boutique comment

This will be filed in the wrong place I’m sure, so apologies for it.

Had a play with Ubuntu MATE Impish daily today; and have a comment, and trying to file a bug ends up with

“The problem cannot be reported.
software-boutique is provided by a snap published by flexiondotorg. No contact address has been provided; visit the forum at https://forum/snapcraft.io/ for help”

which has led me here. (and I don’t use this site enough to know where it should be properly filed sorry)

A search of “tor-browser” in Software-Boutique finds 1 application, but none are shown or selectable.

Only the top display (monitor) is of use; the bottom has me trying to get here.

Note: I was wanting to load it to test for a apparmor bug that plagued other flavors that has recently been fixed on installed systems & another flavor and decided to fully test/explore Ubuntu-MATE given I’ve not used it in awhile.

FYI: if this isn’t filed in the correct place as I believe; the message that sends me here may need more details on how I’m supposed to file. I left that on the top-monitor too.

Typically snaps do define a contact address for filing issues/bugs like:

$ snap info software-boutique|grep contact
contact:   https://github.com/ubuntu-mate/software-boutique

but this is probably a bit too much to squeeze in such a popup message which is (i guess) why apport points you to the forum by default …

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