Ubuntu ISO's in var directory, what to do with them?

I was trying to clean up my root partition because space started to get low and when I look with a disk analyzer tool I found out that 6 GB of space was retained by /var/snap, looking further down the directory tree I found 2 ISO files inside 2 directories of snaps I made for learning how to build snaps.
The directories are inside /var/snap/multipass/common/data/multipassd/vault/instances/ , 1 for each project.
Can someone tell me how can I remove them? I haven’t manually removed them because I don’t know if there are consequences if I just do “sudo rm”.

hi @vadrian89,

It looks like you want delete those instances from Multipass.

$ multipass delete ‘name of instance’
$ multipass purge
$ multipass ls
No instances found.

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Awesome, it worked!
Thank you.