Ubuntu-image warning: kernel snap

Hi there. One of my friends came across this warning on their machine:

Basically, they are trying to build a image for their Raspberry Pi CM4, but is concerned about the warning message saying: The kernel for the specified UC20+ model does not carry assertion max format information, assuming possibly incorrectly the kernel revision can use the same formats as snapd.

Now what in the blue blazes does this mean? I hope some of the maintainers can shed some light on this?

Hi, I also got this error. I haven’t tried out my image yet but did you find out anything else about this error?

What kernel snap and revision are you using?

If the resulting image boots and sets up itself correctly you are fine. Assertions are signed documents carrying policy and metadata. We need to pull ones with formats compatible with what is supported by the snapd version that is put in the image. The kernel initramfs has also some code that needs to check some of those assertions, recent UC20+ kernels ship some information to know what they support so that ubuntu-image can pick supported formats combining that information with the snapd one. But if the kernel does not ship this information, ubuntu-image can only use the snapd version/provided information, and the resulting image might not boot.

Hello, Yes, I’m not sure about the kernel snap version, all I can say was, at that time, the image was built for a CM4 unit, and I think that the kernel was the latest stable version at that time. Not sure if this is still happening for some, though.