Ubuntu-image error: model with series "20" != "16" unsupported

Hi All,

Im trying to make my first custome image of Ubuntu core 20, but it keeps giving me this error:

ubuntu-image snap my-model.model error: model with series “20” != “16” unsupported COMMAND FAILED: snap prepare-image my-model.model /tmp/tmp7ao005rq/unpack

Please see my model below… I cant see why it would be refering to 16??..

any help would be greatly appriciated

{ “type”: “model”, “series”: “20”, “authority-id”: “xxxxxx”, “brand-id”: “xxxxxx”, “model”: “ubuntu-core-20-arm64”, “architecture”: “armhf”, “timestamp”: “2022-04-11T07:07:23+00:00”, “base”: “core20”, “grade”: “signed”, “storage-safety”: “prefer-encrypted”, “snaps”: [ { “name”: “pi-kernel”, “type”: “kernel”, “default-channel”: “20/stable”, “id”: “jeIuP6tfFrvAdic8DMWqHmoaoukAPNbJ” },
{ “name”: “pi”, “type”: “gadget”, “default-channel”: “20/stable”, “id”: “YbGa9O3dAXl88YLI6Y1bGG74pwBxZyKg” }, { “name”: “snapd”, “type”: “snapd”, “default-channel”: “latest/stable”, “id”: “PMrrV4ml8uWuEUDBT8dSGnKUYbevVhc4” }, { “name”: “easy-openvpn”, “type”: “app”, “default-channel”: “latest/stable”, “id”: “xRzdvk7jXCOZDLX8iJHs3k6ODOBHpbRR” }, { “name”: “htop”, “type”: “app”, “default-channel”: “latest/stable”, “id”: “hJmReLmgXSUj4SF7WhyTVRV6IzUa4QUZ” } ] }

this must be 16 … (the series flag has not been bumped since UC16)

You legend, thanks we just figured it out 1 min before your reply :slight_smile:

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