Ubuntu frame remote view of output

Hey there,

Just wondering if there is any way known to you to see remotely what is being output by ubuntu frame.

Basically, if we deploy devices to the field it would be nice to be able to see what the user sees for purposes of debugging.

Before we dive deep into how to implement it, we were wondering if there is already existing solutions for this, or why there is none.

We will be using Landscape for device monitoring, not sure if that helps.

Regards, Charlee

I think there is a vnc thingie, @alan_g might be able to point somewhere…

Would there be a way to access this without setting up a VPN if not on the same network?

By design, ubuntu-frame-vnc doesn’t make assumptions about, nor place requirements on, the network environment devices are deployed in. It offers a VNC server locally on the device which can be remotely accessed in various ways (such as SSH port forwarding).

I don’t know whether Landscape provides a way to securely access such a port remotely.

SSH you can do in some form, but I haven’t played around with it yet. @ogra you have any idea if this would work?

Why ssh ? You should be able to just include the snap, leave the daemon flag off by default and turn it on on demand with landscape

Not sure how hard it is to make port forwarding work at all, never tried it myself…