Ubuntu-frame error: /snap/ubuntu-frame/7025/usr/local/bin/frame: error while loading shared libraries: libfreetype.so.6

Where is it supposed to get libfreetype from? Later on I switched ubuntu-frame from tracking “stable” to “20/stable” (I did try switching to 22/stable as well).

root@srly-axkgvyn0t9ufimn:/home/screenly# snap list
Name                   Version         Rev    Tracking       Publisher       Notes
core20                 20230801        2015   latest/stable  canonical✓      base
core22                 20220607        x1     -              -               base
mesa-core20            21.2.6          151    latest/stable  canonical✓      -
mesa-core22            23.0.4          231    latest/stable  canonical✓      -
ubuntu-frame           123-mir2.15.0   7446   20/stable        canonical✓      -
root@srly-axkgvyn0t9ufimn:/home/screenly# snap logs ubuntu-frame
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 ubuntu-frame.daemon[18841]: + export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 ubuntu-frame.daemon[18841]: + mkdir -p /run/user/0 -m 700
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 ubuntu-frame.daemon[18868]: Setting up watches.
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 ubuntu-frame.daemon[18868]: Watches established.
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 ubuntu-frame.daemon[18841]: + [ -n  ]
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 ubuntu-frame.daemon[18841]: + exec /snap/ubuntu-frame/7025/bin/graphics-core22-wrapper /snap/ubuntu-frame/7025/usr/local/bin/frame
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 ubuntu-frame.daemon[18841]: /snap/ubuntu-frame/7025/usr/local/bin/frame: error while loading shared libraries: libfreetype.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 systemd[1]: snap.ubuntu-frame.daemon.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=127/n/a
2023-10-30T13:04:17+04:00 systemd[1]: snap.ubuntu-frame.daemon.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
2023-10-30T13:04:19+04:00 systemd[1]: Stopped Service for snap application ubuntu-frame.daemon.

Depending on the series it should either be in the coreXX snap or the ubuntu-frame snap.

In the case you cite, Ubuntu Frame 7025 is core22 based and it should be in the core22 snap:

$ find /snap/core22/current/usr/ -name libfreetype.so.*

I see that you have a locally installed x1 version of this snap, so that is likely you have an incompatible version of this snap.

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Ah, indeed. Core22 is very old. I’m a bit confused as to why it did not pick it up from core20 snap when I switched the channel to 20/stable.

Anyhow, thanks, that was the issue. It’s now working.